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Nature Parable Videos for Seeking God Bible Studies

Centered in the natural landmarks of Bend, OR these nature parables are meant to bring more life to the scriptures and inspire hearts towards God. Do you know someone who is studying the Bible or considering Jesus? If scriptures don't seem to stick at first, perhaps footage of nature and how it relates to God will help ground the principles. Do you need an excuse to share a thought provoking video with an unbeliever? Interest them with a video featuring drone footage and beautiful landmarks to visit and hike. Pass on these videos as a free resource to accompany anyone's pursuit of God!

Seeking God part 1: How to Find Happiness

Getting to the top of the Smith Rock, or racing to the end of the Christian journey isn’t the point of the story. If it were, then the success would be defined by those who could dash through life the quickest. If you’re seeking happiness, and searching for your place in God’s story, then consider His wager of being blessed from Psalms 119; 100% happiness as a byproduct of 100% seeking. Are you willing to pursue God and obey his Word with all your heart?

Seeking God part 2: How to overcome anxiety

When we follow Jesus, we have the opportunity to overcome our fears in life by asking God to take care of our worries. Do you want to follow Jesus into a fearless life? It's essential to make seeking the reign and rule of Jesus our number one priority. That's a tall order, but remember Jesus's words in the scripture - we are his dearly loved children. God desires a relationship with you and to love you as a parent loves their children. Will you choose to put His Kingdom first and not be anxious about the future?

Seeking God part 3: Where to find God

Where does one find God? Do temples or mountaintops bring us closer to him? In Bend, there are many fancy buildings with crosses on top and many cascading waterfalls. All of it, God has established and set into motion. Many adventurers on the trail remark that nature is their cathedral. So how do these things bring us close to God beyond the beauty and novelty of the experience? God creates these opportunities and it always in oru proximity; will you choose to reach out to him?

Seeking God part 4: Who is God searching for?

What does it mean to worship in Spirit and truth in John 4? I hiked up Tumalo Mountain one morning and nearly failed, without my essential map and bottle of water. What does oru Christian journey look like if we forget oru map and water, or neglect the balance of worshipping in both spirit and truth?

If you find these videos resourceful, please support the Bend church's YouTube channel by subscribing and engaging with the content! We look forward to sharing more of our life and teaching with you!

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