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Interview "Couples with a Cause" ft. Jonah and Amber

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Click here to listen to the full interview with Jonah and amber Melchert on Discipleship Podcasts!

"Well, A lot has changed in our lives since the recording of this podcast! Fast forward to today and our daughter Haddie is already over two months old! She is such a blessing and we feel like we fall more in love with her every single day. Becoming new parents definitely brings it's challenges,(late nights, crying, spitting her last clean binky onto the floor after just cleaning it… LOL) but the love and support from our families and the church here in Pullman has filled us up tremendously. Our mission field looks a little different here in Pullman since the turn of the year. Coming out of the 2020-2021 school year, our church said goodbye to twenty two people mostly from move outs and people transitioning out of Pullman back to their home towns. To accommodate this change, I (Jonah) just started a new job at a bank in Pullman back in April of 2021, and am now in a self-supporting role for our Alpha Omega ministry. Amber and I are very excited to see where God can take our small but MIGHTY church and know that endings always bring new beginnings. We ask for prayers of faith that God would continue to be the ultimate provider of everything we could ever ask for or envision for our church in 2021" - Jonah Melchert

Since I joined the Northwest Family of churches, I've been inspired by the youth of our movement, who are willing to go anywhere, do anything ,and give up anything. These are couples I hope to imitate and learn from. My weakness is that I need to get to know more amazing disciples in our region! I joined a small church in our Northwest family five years ago, and planted an even smaller church two years ago. I still feel like I'm new, but I realize five years is plenty of time to expand my relationships. With that challenge, I've began reaching out to brothers and sisters for "discipleship interviews". This podcast is aimed to interview disciples who have a passion for building family and making disciples in the northwest. I hope to get to know as many as possible, who are stepping out on faith in any capacity to forward Jesus' Kingdom mission in our region. My prayer is that you can become familiar with our family, understand our local mission field, and be inspired by the faith of those pioneering forward in the northwest.If you have a recommendation for who the northwest needs to hear from, please reach out! - Joey Hungerford

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