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10 Youtube Resources from Disciples

It's 2021. The greatest minds and the most professional speakers are just a few clicks away. While this new level of access will never replace our Bibles, our local church relationships, or the shepherding of local elders, we would be short sighted to neglect the emerging resources in online content available to disciples. I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite youtube channels from disciples within our movement!

  1. Disciples Today

Disciples Today is the official news outlet for the International Churches of Christ. Here are inspiring testimonies, news and updates from our churches around the world, conference archives, and more.

2. Keydogo

ICOC HotNews is now Keydogo. Although they have a new name, the same band of disciples is behind the camera: Mike and Anne-Brigette (the editors) and Nate and Zach (the video guys). They have multiple short videos tackling big questions in a Biblical way.

3. Image Bearers

Otoma Edje is a disciple of Christ, hoping to "1) Share good news about God's kingdom and help inspire people to honor Him with their lives 2) Meet & learn from some great authors or thought leaders 3) Have fun and enjoy life". I appreciate his work interviewing authors on their latest books.

4. The Tribe Exchange

From Christian Ray Flores, The Tribe Exchange is conversations with content makers and experts unpacking the exchange of heaven and earth and how to live in the middle.

5. Truth Trauma Theology

Kyle Spears' ministry is about the intersect between Trauma and Theology. Contemporary discussions have to involve a balance of biblical truth and current research studies. He features multiple guest speakers to cover the topic.

6. Seattle Church of Christ

In particular, "the Glory of God's Word" series is a fantastic resource for understanding Biblical Exegesis.

7. Broward Worship

Looking for Kingdom worship music? The Broward church produces incredible content!

8. The Future of Faith

Featuring leaders from around the movement, this 2021 conversation hosted by the DFW church and the Potomac Valley church tackles culture, unity, and future generations.

9. Discipleship Vlogs

I am biased on this one. Discipleship Vlogs features the behind the scenes of our real life church planting story in Bend, Oregon. We try to balance content for both life and doctrine. Vlogs feature us living the life of a disciple, being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did. Our Discipleship playlist features Bible lessons, devotionals, and spiritual book reviews. In an effort to build family in the NW, we also feature interviews with northwest disciple makers.

10. Madison Hungerford

Biased again, I love my wife's channel - it's also more popular than my content! She makes weekly videos about Christian motherhood, marriage, and ministry.

Those make my top ten list of favorite channels from our movement. I hope that disciples can continue to grow in this mission field as our world continues to go online! If you know of another channel that could be feature here, let me know and I will add it below!

11 - Bonus! Douglas Jacoby

I have to appreciate all the work Douglas has put in to putting out iFaith videos multiple times a week. He is currently going through unit 15: Jeremiah.

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