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What do churches in multiple states have to do with one another and why are they working together? Though doctrinally we are aligned with an international disciple making movement, locally we resolve to put relationships and family above roles and institutions. We seek to be in one another's lives and hearts in order to bring glory to Jesus' church. As a missions region, we partner to spread the gospel throughout our states, one community at a time. 


This website focuses on an online community made up of a network of disciples in Bellingham, Eugene, Bend, Missoula, Boise, Salem, Corvallis, and beyond. This network contributes to the relational discipleship of one another, as well as creating content and resources for the NW Family site.

Would you like to join our online community by contributing website content or featuring your ministry? Let's talk about how we can work together. Sign up to learn more!

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Madison Hungerford


Women's Ministry Leader

While Child of God, Wife and Mama are my favorite titles, I'm also passionate about helping women to fall in love with Jesus, serve God with their lives, and be humbly led by the Spirit to discover who God is through helping women grow in their biblical literacy and application.

Luke Donatello


Church leader

First and foremost, I am a deeply grateful sinner saved by God’s grace.  I’m also a happy husband, a proud father of four, and a humble church leader.  I’m passionate about knowing God's word accurately, and being honest with what I don’t know.  I care deeply about helping others know His word also, so that they might ultimately know Him and love Him.

Joey Hungerford


Minister, Video Creator

I am a father, church planter, and video creator on a mission to inspire others to their full potential in Christ, so that as a family we can marvel in His mercies and help others to find freedom. I have a passion to make disciples, make a home with my beautiful wife, and make videos that bring God glory.